Honeybees Breakfast Club

The Honeybees Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club runs Monday to Friday with a 7.40am start for breakfast. Choices include a selection of cereals, toast, pancakes, crumpets and pastries.  8.00am start for our daily clubs. Please make the office aware when booking if your child will be joining us for breakfast or just the club. 

Monday Board Games Club​   

We have a lovely selection of fun and educational board games to enjoy playing together. Children may also bring in their favourite game to share with the other children.

Tuesday Craft Club​   

Craft club will be a structured club with a collaborative art piece to be created or individual pieces, either to be taken home, put in their learning journeys or to take pride of place on our Honeybees’ noticeboard!

Wednesday Construction Club​     

Construction club will be free play with different materials each week and a brief outline of ideas to get the children thinking outside the box and problem solving.

Children will have resources such as building blocks, crates, boxes, branches, card – This is a chance for the children to use their imaginations and create their own mini worlds, from Dinosaur caves to a Princess in her tower…

Thursday Nature Club​   ​

Our own mini forest school. We will be bringing the outside in, with leaf printing, stone painting, clay modelling and much more!

Throughout the week I will be going out into our wonderful local area, foraging for the natural materials we’ll need to make our fabulous creations.

Friday Active Club​                            

Active club is a chance for the children to run off their excess energy from the week.  Activities will include participating in the parent lead Daily Mile on the rec, outside games, dance workouts and skipping competitions.

We generally have a maximum of 8 children per club so please contact the office if you would like to book your child’s place ready for September. Regular breakfast club children will receive a learning journey to take home at the end of each term or every few terms depending on how regularly they attend. This will be full of photos and work they have created at the clubs. Breakfast club is £4 per session.

Breakfast Club Booking Form