Welcome to Grasshopper Class

Welcome to Grasshopper Class!

This term our topic is called ‘A World of Difference’

We will look closely at how single-use plastics affect our world and what we can do to

reduce the pollution of plastic waste.

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Please see the link below to our Curriculum Overview:

Key Stage Two Curriculum Overview 18-19



In our writing, we will use this topic to write persuasive letters to encourage people to think carefully about how they use plastic. How will you reduce your use of plastic?¬†Also in writing, the children will learn about the worlds of two very different boys in our key text called ‘The Garbage King’. Are they living completely different lives or are they really just the same?



This term we embark on a different approach to mastering Maths. All children regardless of ability will be using a range of resources to support their understanding of Maths. All children will be exposed to opportunities where they can develop their reasoning and solve problems.

To begin with, the children will be securing their understanding of place value which will form a basis for many other areas of the Maths curriculum. They will learn the value of each digit in a 6/7-digit number, order them and make comparisons. They will also develop their understanding of rounding, knowledge of negative numbers and explore problems linked to these areas.


Grasshoppers will be studying different kinds of single-use plastics to design and create their own sea creature sculptures using wasted plastic. It will encourage them to recycle.

In Science, the children will design an investigation to explore different materials and how long they decompose. Do all materials decompose? Also linked to our world, we will explore Earth in more detail and other areas on connected to Space.

In RE, the children will explore creation. Is it conflicting or complementary? The children will make reference to the stories in Genesis and contemporary scientific accounts.


Eeeeeeeeek!!!! How exciting was last Monday for us?! What a fantastic opportunity and experience for Fletching School. We can’t believe that ITV’s Good Morning Britain chose to come and visit us to promote an amazing scheme, called the ‘Daily Mile’. It is a scheme that encourages children to get fit and active by running a mile a day! Piers Morgan attended the school many years ago and has fond memories of his time which he shared with the nation. What better way to showcase our school and put it on the map. Thank you to the GMB team for coming to visit. We loved having you at our school! Please watch us on ITV catchup and see our photos below.

Home Learning

Reading – Please encourage your child to read at least 5 times a week. If they complete this they get a raffle ticket for the Big Draw incentive!

Times tables – We are using Times table Rockstars to practice our tables. The children have been given their logins and the teacher will check they have been on every week.


My Maths Children will be set a task using this website to support their learning in class. Each child has been given a letter with their individual logins on. The task might not be set each week but can also be set over a few weeks. Please check the date when the homework is to be completed by.






Stuck for a good book to read? Below are 100 books to be read by the end of Year 6.

100 Books 5 and 6 1

100 Books 5 and 6 2

100 Books 5 and 6 3

100 Books 5 and 6 4

100 Books 5 and 6 5



Please help your child to learn how to spell the words from the Year 5/6 spellings list attached below. Please also look at the Year 3/4 list too. It is important they can write these words when dictated in a sentence.

Spelling list year 5 and 6

Spelling list year 3 and 4