Welcome to Grasshopper Class

Welcome to Grasshopper Class.

This is going to be a busy half term for Grasshopper Class. Not only do we have our End of Year School production but we are also participating in:

  • Connect to the Countryside
  • Tennis in Eastbourne
  • Activities at Knockhatch
  • Science exploring at Cumnor House
  • Visiting Secondary Schools (Year 6)
  • Kit Car Event

……plus much more!!


Animal Kingdom


Through a range of high quality animal themed texts, the children will be developing their writing skills. The children will use a range of different sentence structures using conjunctions and adverbial phrases. They will also think carefully about the language they choose. In their writing, they will include a wide variety of punctuation and will always be thinking about the clear purpose of their writing and their intended audience. Examples of writing will be:

  • a non-chronological report
  • story writing
  • letter
  • diary entries


In Maths, the children will continue to develop and embed their calculation skills, their understanding of fractions and knowledge of place value. The children will compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties and sizes. They will also look closely at different shape families such as triangles and quadrilaterals. Using appropriate language, the children will be able to identify and describe the position of shapes. In other sessions, the children will be able to solve problems presented in a line graph and pie charts and interpret information in tables.


Our topic this term is linked to our targets in Science. The children will describe how living things are classified into groups looking at their characteristics and give reasons. In geography, we will look at the different countries where the animals come from. We will also make comparisons with food, habitat and behaviour. The children’s art work and development of their sketchbooks will also reflect the on the topic of our wonderful animals.

This term we will also be teaching the children the objectives covered in Sex and Relationships Education (SRE). We will be using a fantastic programme called ‘Yasmine and Tom’ to help support the children’s understanding. A letter will be going out to parents all about this and they are more than welcome to discuss it further with the teachers.


This week, Grasshoppers attended a Science workshop at Cumnor House School. The children carried out an investigation based on the fizz content in fizzy drinks, such as cola. They thought hard about whether they were measuring the amount of fizz in the drink or how to keep the fizz in the drinks the longest. Before they conducted their investigation, the children carefully selected the variable they were changing and what they needed to keep the same. So much fun!! The children loved it!!

The facilities are amazing and we have many more opportunities lined up to use them next term. See below for some pictures of their time there during Wednesday afternoon.

Home Learning

Reading – The children need to read 5 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each time . They need to record evidence of their reading in their reading journals. The journals must be in every Monday to be checked by the teacher. In the back of their reading journals there will be their reading targets. These will be changed every 3/4 weeks.

Basic Number Facts – Please encourage you child to secure their knowledge of times tables and number facts. A good website called ‘Hit the Button’ is really helpful in supporting your child’s development. Below is a link.






Stuck for a good book to read? Below are 100 books to be read by the end of Year 6.

100 Books 5 and 6 1

100 Books 5 and 6 2

100 Books 5 and 6 3

100 Books 5 and 6 4

100 Books 5 and 6 5



Please help your child to learn how to spell the words from the Year 5/6 spellings list attached below. Please also look at the Year 3/4 list too. It is important they can write these words when dictated in a sentence.

Spelling list year 5 and 6

Spelling list year 3 and 4