Welcome to Grasshopper Class

Welcome to Grasshopper Class!

This term our topic is called ‘Swords and Sandals’

We will be learning all about the fantastic historical era of The Romans.

The children will learn about the Roman Empire and how it has made an impact on Britain.

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Also this term is exciting as we will be doing lots of fun things to do with…


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Please see the link below to our Curriculum Overview:

Key Stage Two Curriculum Overview 18-19



This term we will be exploring the Myth Romulus and Remus. The children will create detailed setting descriptions and infer the characters’ feelings and motives.

During this term, Grasshoppers will also produce non-fiction writing that is full of Roman information that they have learnt through the topic.

In every piece of writing they produce, the children will work towards creating a range of sentence structures using clauses in a variety of ways. They will also make sure their sentence starters are varied and punctuation is accurate throughout. The children will also be using a wider range of punctuation to enhance their writing.



During this term, Grasshopper class will continue to develop their approach to mastering Maths. They will always use resources, models and images to support their learning.

This term, the children will focus on multiplication and division as well as developing our understanding of fractions.

The children are encouraged to continue using Times Table Rockstars to develop their confidence and knowledge of times tables. Remember your chance for a raffle ticket!


The topic for this term is all about the Romans. The children will discover how the Roman Empire impacted on Britain. They will look into how the Romans lived and myths that are retold again and again. We are excited about having Rainbow Theatre visit us again this term to embrace Roman life.

In Science, the children will be learning about inheritance and evolution. We will look closely at how humans have evolved over time as well as exploring how we inherit certain features from our parents. There is a fun Mr Men inheritance task that the children can take part in.


Last week, Grasshopper class attended a Science workshop at Cumnor House. All the children obtained their bunsen burner licences by participating in several activities that taught them how to use the burners safely and get the best results from their experiments.

Grasshoppers have also undertaken a project to encourage the birds to use our school garden. With the help of Mr Lane, the children have designed and constructed a bird table. The children had to work together as a team and evaluate their ideas as they moved through the project.

This week, Grasshopper class enjoyed decoration morning. The children made snowman tree decorations, paper stars, wreaths, Christmas cards and not to mention gingerbread men/hearts/trees…… Thank you to all our fabulous parents who came and joined in on the fun not to mention lend a helping hand!!

BIG SING – Thursday 6th December at Glyndebourne

Here is the link for the children to practice. It has the backing tracks and song lyrics.


Home Learning

Grammar and spelling books – each week, a task from the books will be set on a Tuesday for them to be handed in the following Monday. Don’t forget your raffle ticket!!

Reading – Please encourage your child to read at least 5 times a week. If they complete this they get a raffle ticket for the Big Draw incentive!

Times tables – We are using Times table Rockstars to practice our tables. The children have been given their logins and the teacher will check they have been on every week.


My Maths Children will be set a task using this website to support their learning in class. Each child has been given a letter with their individual logins on. The task might not be set each week but can also be set over a few weeks. Please check the date when the homework is to be completed by.






Stuck for a good book to read? Below are 100 books to be read by the end of Year 6.

100 Books 5 and 6 1

100 Books 5 and 6 2

100 Books 5 and 6 3

100 Books 5 and 6 4

100 Books 5 and 6 5



Please help your child to learn how to spell the words from the Year 5/6 spellings list attached below. Please also look at the Year 3/4 list too. It is important they can write these words when dictated in a sentence.

Spelling list year 5 and 6

Spelling list year 3 and 4