Welcome to Dragonfly class

Welcome to Dragonfly Class!

Dear Dragonfly families – Hello! What a fast-paced few weeks it has been for us all, settling into our wonderful classroom and becoming the new Dragonflies for 2019-20.  A HUGE thank you to all the Year 4 children who have been utterly amazing in directing everyone  (even their new teacher)  to the right part of the cupboard, or the right drawer this week!  An equally HUGE well done to Year 3 for making that big transition from Caterpillar class and coming in class with an (almost) 100% beaming smiles record!   Parents and carers, many thanks to you too, for being patient as I get used to the new school and new class. Thank you so much for my warm welcome and for your smart and well-organised children. Please do drop me any messages you feel are important and don’t wait for Parents’ Evening if you have a question.      Ms KP 🙂 


Here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful classroom – we are so lucky to have such a light and inspiring room to do our work in. The children have already been creating luscious giant flowers for our ‘Rainforest’ topic themed vines, and they have drawn a host of tropical creatures currently crawling, slithering, clambering and flying about in our verdant displays. You may be able to spot our topic title above the board, ‘Planet S.O.S’; we will be thinking about the beauty and fragility of the planet with particular reference to the Amazonian Rainforest. 



Please watch this space for the link to our Curriculum Overview: Coming very soon!

Key Stage Two Curriculum Overview 19-20



Here is a link to our class ‘basic’ timetable for this term – we may occasionally do things at different times if it suits the ‘flow’ of the day and how the children are learning, but this will help you all to feel organised for the big events of the week!   –  remember, it’s Year 3 in Forest School on Tuesday afternoons until half term…DRAGONFLY TT


Here is the amazing stop motion animation film that the children made on Friday 27th September. They responded to the issue of deforestation and they made every item in the film, and every frame, individually. Such a lot to cram into one afternoon, but what an excellent piece of work! I’m so proud of you, Dragonfly Class!




This term we will be reading the book ‘Stanley Saves the Amazon Rainforest’ by Tony Frais. It is a fun little adventure involving the unlikely, yet imaginative, way that a spider is able to prevent the destruction of the rainforest and save the habitats of the creatures within.  We will be writing letters, information texts, and fictional narratives linked to the story as well as using it as a starting point to investigate spelling patterns, punctuation conventions and standard grammatical structures. 


This term pupils will be furthering their understanding of place value and mathematical operations. They will be using a wide range of physical resources and representations to support their learning and to make sure that they are moving from physical manipulation of objects, to being able to understand 2D representations of problems, to then understanding how we use ‘abstract’ symbols to show this. They will be building strong foundations for future number work and learning to apply that number skill to real situations. 

The children may sometimes work on bronze, silver and gold tasks according to their confidence with each different focus. They will be fully supported, and certainly never held back! 


Foundation Fridays

Have a look at our wonderful stop motion animation film above to see what we have created on one of our Foundation Fridays.

We worked together to create an amazing Kenning Poem on the 4th October. Kennings are a sort of compound term, formed by putting a noun with a verb and giving it the ‘er’ suffix (lots of grammatical terminology sneaking in without any of the prejudice that grammar is dull!) Kennings were used heavily in Norse poetry and are such a wonderfully accessible way for children to succeed as writers of figurative language. 

The class were fantastic at every stage of the process and have written a collaborative Kenning Poem which takes the reader down through the layers of the Amazon Rainforest, from the emergent layer bursting forth into the sky, right down to the dark forest floor. 






















(Great work Dragonflies!) 


Home Learning

Times Tables

 We will be using a website called ‘TT Rockstars‘ for times table homework. The children will be given individual logins which they can use to practise their times tables online. Once logged on, children should go to the ‘Garage’ section of the website. I have scheduled each child’s times tables so that they receive questions linked to the tables they are currently learning. This will be edited as their speed and the amount of correct answers they achieve, increases. If your child has lost their login, please contact the office and I will re-print it. In addition to this, there are some fantastic apps and interactive games to help the children with their times tables:

‘Hit The Button’     Maths Rockx  



The children need to read a minimum of 4 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each time. They need to record evidence of their reading in their reading journals which should now be in their bags. The journals will be checked by the teachers as that will give us a chance to see any observations you have noted and to see that your child is reading and earning praise for doing so!

Below I have attached links to 100 recommended reading books for years 3 & 4. 100 Books 3 and 4 1 100 Books 3 and 4 2 100 Books 3 and 4 3 100 Books 3 and 4 4 100 Books 3 and 4 5  


The children will be given spelling homework every week on a Thursday and they will have a week to practise these words for testing the following week. There will be plenty of encouragement and no ‘shaming’ – I do want the children to try to see patterns in the word families and groups, but I understand that some children will find this more tricky than others; everyone’s personal best is what we are looking for!

Please see the year 3/4 spelling list below. We encourage you to help your children with these spellings in any way you wish.

Year 3&4 spelling list